Refractory Coatings

Refractory coatings are essential materials used in the metal casting process to create a barrier between the molten metal and the mold or core surfaces. These coatings serve several important purposes, including:

  • Improving Surface Finish: Refractory coatings create a smooth and uniform surface finish on molds and cores, enhancing the quality and appearance of the final casted product.
  • Minimizing Defects: Coatings help prevent defects like veining, metal penetration, and scabbing by reducing the interaction between the metal and mold surfaces.
  • Heat Resistance: Refractory coatings provide thermal protection to the mold and core, allowing them to withstand the high temperatures of molten metal without deforming or breaking.
  • Reduction of Metal-Mold Reaction: Coatings act as a barrier, minimizing reactions between the molten metal and the mold material, which can lead to surface defects and impurities in the final casting.
  • Ease of Release: They facilitate the easy release of the solidified metal from the mold, preventing the casting from getting stuck or damaged during demolding.

Our refractory coatings


Water-carried coatings suitable for all areas of production and jobbing foundries, available in various formulations with bases like silica, olivine, graphite, zircon, alumina, or mica.


Extremely dense latex paints, primarily based on zircon, offering exceptional performance.


Coatings designed for use with lite off solvents, typically isopropyl alcohol.


Specifically developed coatings for poly patterns used in the lost foam process.

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