Releasing Compounds

Releasing compounds, also known as mold release agents, are substances applied to the mold or core surfaces before casting to facilitate easy separation of the solidified metal from the mold. The key functions of releasing compounds include:

  • Mold Release: The primary purpose of releasing compounds is to prevent the adhesion of the molten metal to the mold or core surfaces, ensuring smooth and clean separation during demolding.
  • Surface Protection: Releasing compounds can provide a protective barrier on the mold, preventing any potential damage or abrasion during the casting process.
  • Ease of Cleaning: These compounds aid in the removal of residual materials and contaminants from the mold, reducing the need for extensive cleaning between casting cycles.

Our releasing compounds


Fine aluminum suspensions in a solvent, providing rapid drying on wood or metal patterns. These compounds do not contaminate or destroy sand binder systems.

Perm Kote

Special products based on mineral salts formulated for permanent casting molds (pressure & gravimetric).

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