Our Products

Supplier of refractory coatings, adhesives, releasing compounds and specialty chemicals to the metal casting market in Mexico and abroad.

About our products:

We manufacture all our products using the latest methods and materials, and very careful chemistry. 

We manufacture refractory coatings using every known refractory, in three different forms: dry, soft plastic dough and slurry.

List of some of our products:

Auto-Kote: coatings are water carried and are for use in all areas of production and jobbing foundries. They are available in a variety of formulations with silica, olivine, graphite, zircon, alumina, or mica base.

Woltrex: coatings are extremely dense latex paints, primarily in zircon.

Kast-Kote: coatings are used with lite off solvents, usually isopropyl alcohol.

Styrawash: coatings have been developed specifically as coatings for poly patterns used in the lost foam process.

KWIK-Grip: is a fast drying adhesive designed for all cores in both production and jobbing. It features high initial tack and can be used with all binder systems. It does not weaken if postcured in an oven. We also offer other adhesives for specific applications. CORE Paste: Is a generic denomination for water based-oven dried adhesives for all kind of cores.

Mudding & sealing compounds: Our mudding and sealing compounds are completely compatible with all of our coatings. Available in various bases, they are smooth and will not shrink, crack, roll up or peel.

Al-Part: releasing compounds are fine aluminum suspensions in a solvent. They provide rapid drying on wood or metal patterns. The compounds will not contaminate or destroy sand binder systems.

Perm Kote: Very special products based in mineral salts formulated for permanent casting molds (pressure & gravimetric) We also manufacture miscellaneous products for the foundry such additives and activators.